Back to the Studio!

We are headed into the studio!  After a far-too-long recording hiatus, we're going back in to record some songs that we hope to release early 2021 and we want you to come along for the ride! 

Over the next few months, we'll be updating you here with videos, photos, stories and other tidbits as we work through the recording process.  And more than that, we want you to become involved in the process with us.  Soon we'll be announcing a contest that you can enter to help with the album along with a chance to win some cool prizes!  And you, being a loyal fan and member of our mailing list, will have first crack at the contest along with getting information and updates first!   How cool is that? 

We're so excited to record these songs and get them in your hands (and ears).  We've been crafting these songs for a while and we're proud to be able to put them down and share them with all of you.  So keep an eye out for regular updates.