Vol II: Organizational Skills

Sometimes as a band you need to practice your organizational skills.  Rock and roll is often unorganized by nature, and when you have a group with as many members as we have, those inefficiencies can be compounded.   Working around schedules and finding time to write, rehearse and record can be tough.   So how do we do it?

We don't.  Or at least not very well.  We tend to break off into smaller groups to work on song arrangements.  Getting the whole crew together can be challenging but we work with what we have to make it happen.    And all that's to say that the last couple studio sessions, we had a majority of us in there at the same time!  That makes for a room full, for sure, and takes quite a bit of pizza and beer to keep us happy while we work.

Chance has been dropping some great fiddle tracks the past couple sessions, we're so happy to have him on board with us, he's a great young talent.  And all of the songs are really moving into something more than we hoped as we develop the melody instrument parts with him, it's quite exciting to see!

We're hoping to have some new info and goodies for you all in the next few weeks so stay tuned!