About 9 Castle Close

9 Castle Close prides itself on adding a new dimension to the Celtic rock scene. With over a century of combined professional experience, 9 Castle Close delivers your favorite Celtic rock tunes, electrifying instrumental sets, and innovative originals with a high level of musicianship.  Enjoy a musical experience unparalleled, crafted with much love, many years’ dedication, and presented anew.

Kevin Maloney

Guitar, Banjo, Bouzouki

Kevin grew up playing music with his tight-knit Kentucky family and their frequent gatherings centered around great food, conversation and tunes. In high school he furthered his musical endeavor by studying trumpet, guitar, and bass, and also began performing rock and roll. After playing in rock bands for nearly two decades, he turned his attention to the Celtic world, listening to both rock and traditional. His vision of a diverse, new Celtic rock band with a focus on blending traditional Irish and mainstream rock led to the formation of 9 Castle Close.  

Hugh Stockler


Hugh comprises the right side of the wall of guitars that identify 9CC's sound.  An American folk aficionado, Hugh's guitar sound and backing vocals fill out the rock side of the band with tasteful elegance. 

Michele Baker

Flute, Whistles

Michele, joined 9CC in December 2016 because we needed a whistle-blower. A long-time friend to the Irish music community, supporter of 9CC and having years of experience in other bands, Michele was a natural fit. Her Irish musical influences include Scythian, The Elders, Drowsy Lads, Barleyjuice, Two2Many, Homeland, Mary's Lane and Flogging Molly. Other influences include U2, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac  and Led Zeppelin. When she's not giving flute lessons or concocting moonshine recipes, she enjoys traveling, gardening, cooking and spending time with her husband, and pets.

Mike Thomas


Mike is a seasoned veteran in the music scene, having logged over four decades playing with various rock bands, including Kevin’s first rock band.  His mastery of the low end groove gives 9CC it's heavy rock presence. Mike mastered that rock stuff and is excited to be delving into the Celtic genre. 

Keith Kroskie


Keith is a veteran drummer from the eclectic Chicago music scene. After performing and recording with previous groups Chicago and Columbus, OH, Keith joined 9CC in 2012 and has been the driving force behind the band ever since.  Influences ranging from prog rock to metal, the Celtic world is a breath of fresh air and new potential.

Patrick Disney


Patrick got his first guitar at age 13 and never looked back.  Growing up in a musical family, he cut his teeth on gospel and country before discovering his love of rock and he spent years performing in rock bands in Nashville, TN, Chalreston, SC and Cincinnati, OH before a chance meeting with Kevin awakened his Celtic soul.  Patrick spent 4 years with 9CC, took a 4 year break, and now is back, refreshed and excited.