Recording Has Begun

So after a couple months of writing and discussing (and surviving COVID scares), we have our first day of recording in the books.  We headed up to Dublin, OH to start recording with the very talented Eric Van Wagner at Groove U.

The plan for day one was to get the drums and bass down on at least two tracks, hopefully three.  We had 8 hours of time booked and you would think that would be plenty of time, but studio time is taxing and the clock seems to run fast when you're having that much fun.  Drums take a lot of time to set up and get properly mic'd and sound checked.  The 2-3 hours of setup time gave the rest of us time to have some lunch and a drink or two to relax a bit.  But we managed to push through the fatigue and got the drums and bass down on 3 new tracks and some guitars down as well.

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