The Ghost/Foggy Dew Release!

The double single "The Ghost/Foggy Dew" officially released today!   We're so proud of these songs and very happy to get these out for you to hear! 

"The Ghost" is a song that dates back 10 years ago.  Kevin wrote it about his dad and his grandad and it's quite an amazing story that we'll have Kevin describe in his own words in next couple weeks. The work that the band has put into this song is pretty big and we're happy to have it out in the world. 

"Foggy Dew" is an old traditional song about the Easter Rising of 1916 and it's one of the crowd favorites at shows.  A blistering fast tune that keeps your feet moving. 

You can hit the image above to find your favorite streaming/download and enjoy!  Also take a trip over to our YouTube channel to check out the cool artwork videos!